Welcome to the Summerfield Murgese Horses website.  A site dedicated to the introduction of this little known Italian breed into the UK equestrian world.

Murgese?..Ask almost anyone, including many knowledgeable horse owners, riders and vets if they have heard of this horse and you will very likely get a blank look and shake of the head.  Look in any ‘Horses of the World’ guide and chances are you won’t find this breed mentioned. This little-known purebred horse found in the Puglia region of southern Italy has, to date, been one of the country’s best kept equestrian secrets!

We came across this breed purely by chance and were intrigued to read about its characteristics and traits. 

‘The purebred Murgese noted for its shiny raven black coat is a sturdy Iberian horse with its arched neck and flowing full mane presenting a picture of power and beauty.’

‘Strong and muscular this horse is tough and hardy and is renowned for its extremely hard hooves. Its nature combines tranquility, docility and a willingness to learn .A horse with amazing qualities ideally suited for the novice rider and those riders struggling with their lack of confidence.’

‘The breed is black but a recessive gene occasionally produces a blue roan.  This Murgese is much less common making up some 3% of the population and is highly prized by Murgese enthusiasts.’

‘Stallions are rarely gelded as they are manageable and trainable with a kind nature.’