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An introduction to the four young geldings here at Summerfield Farm. According to their year of birth the Murgese are all named with the same letter of the alphabet. Our four Murgese were born in 2019:



Patroclo wearing his ‘Equifest 2022’ World Breeds Winner and Reserve Champion rosettes




Why is the Murgese breed not in the UK?

Well, it would be factually incorrect to say that the Murgese is not in the UK as we are aware of, and have seen, a filly and a mare, both located less than 40 miles from Summerfield Farm.  We have been told that there is a stallion in the country but we have been active on social media dedicated to this breed and have not seen any activity that would indicate that there are any Murgese horses in the UK other than the filly and mare.

We are as certain as we can be that Summerfield Farm has the largest number of male Murgese as a group at the same location.

Although the breed has considerable historical significance and longevity, it is only since 1926 that a structured breed improvement program was implemented.

For a major breed improvement from near extinction, this is a relative short period of time and there simply may not have been sufficient genetic diversification and available stock as the best animals were contributing to breed improvement.  It should also be remembered that, by 1926, the breed was close to extinction and its conformation had deteriorated to such an extent that they were pretty much only used as working draft animals or meat.  They would not have come anywhere close to the exhibiting the traits and characteristics already mentioned.  Such an animal would not have attracted interest from the UK.

Also,and possibly controversially, we take the view that the committed breeders dedicated to the continuous improvement of the breed fully recognize that the UK does have some of the best bloodstock in the world, but also take the view that it practices some of the worst ‘back yard’ breeding activities.  Being rightly and fiercely proud of this native breed, they do not want the bloodlines of the Murgese being diluted with ill-conceived crosses.

Over the years we have seen a considerable number of horses of different breeds and crosses with all kinds of abilities, mindsets and problems using our facilities.  We have also seen many owners with varying levels of experience and ability with different aims and aspirations for their horses.  However, the one common thread among owners and riders is that they all aspire to have a well mannered animal upon which to build a partnership based on mutual confidence and trust.

By working with the ‘blank canvas’ of a 3 year old, we believe that the Murgese is admirably suited to this aim and has real potential to make an important contribution to the UK equestrian scene.

We have committed ourselves to proving that this is possible by importing these first four animals and offering some of them for sale in suitable homes at the end of a thorough basic training program.

To learn about our journey with the Murgese’s from Italy to the UK click the link below.